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Motorcycle Wiring Diagrams That Make Sense
Steve Bailey, the founder of started his motorcycling career way back in 1975. At the age of 14, Steve and a couple of mates acquired a very knackered Lambretta scooter, got it running, and rode it around the local roads and woods . His first legal bike was a Honda PC50 which he managed to coax 42mph (probably down hill with a tail wind) out of it.

At 17, it was on to proper motorbikes with the purchase in 1978 of a brand new Kawasaki KL250A1. After a number of 250's, including Honda Super(wet)dreams, GSX250 and a GT250 it was time to move on to something with a little more poke, a Kawasaki KLR650.

His first big road bike was a new Kawasaki ZX10 in 1988 which cost 5000, a fortune for me at the time (and still is today).

Over the years Steve has stayed with Kawasaki and has owned 3 Kawasaki ZX10's, ZZR1100. ZZR1200, ZX12R, GTR1400 and Kawasaki ZZR1400. He currently rides a 2000 ZX12R which he has had from new and has yet another two ZX10's in the workshop, which are his projects.

In the early 90's whilst rebuilding and modifying a ZX10 after a bit of a mishap involving lack of talent and a ditch, Steve became very unhappy with the wiring diagram supplied with the workshop manual. Steve was working in the drawing office for his fathers air conditioning control systems company at the time, working on wiring diagrams. He decided to redraw the Kawasaki supplied diagram, this was done by hand on a drawing board at A0 size.

Skip forward a couple of decades and Steve is doing more or less the same with his current ZX10's, happily no ditch was involved. Steve had an idea, supplying wiring diagrams for like minded people struggling to follow manufactures diagrams.
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